2012 IPL Alliance Luncheon
Reaping the Benefits of iPDKs

At the 6th Annual IPL Luncheon, presenters from multiple foundries highlighted the benefits of iPDK standard and their experiences in developing and deploying foundry iPDKs. The IPL Alliance presented an update on the current and future IPL projects.

Jingwen Yuan , IPL Alliance
IPL Update and roadmap

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Won-Young Jung, DongBu
iPDK advantages

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Ofer Tamir, TowerJazz
iPDK and AMS refFlows

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Thomas Ramsch, X-FAB
iPDK Benefits

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Ed Petrus, SI2

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2011 IPL Alliance Luncheon
Interoperable PDKs are here to stay: New Era of Analog/Custom Innovations

On June 6, 2011 at DAC, the IPL Alliance hosted its fifth annual IPL Luncheon. IPL Alliance members presented an update on the current and future success of IPL standards.

Jingwen Yuan       [Download PDF]
Strategic Alliance Manager

Rich Morse            [Download PDF]
EDA Alliances Manager

Steven Chen          [Download PDF]
Deputy Director, TSMC
TSMC iPDK Validation

Vincent Varo          [Download PDF]
CMOS and Derivative Process Design Kit Manager

Ofer Tamir              [Download PDF]
Director of CAD & Design Enablement

2010 IPL Alliance Luncheon
Interoperable PDKs are here to stay: New Era of Analog/Custom Innovations

Gold Sponsors - Magma, SpringSoft, Synopsys, TowerJazz, TSMC
Silver Sponsors - AWR, Ciranova, STARC
Bronze Sponsors - Accelicon, Helic, JEDAT, Pulsic, Pyxis

On June 14, 2010, the IPL Alliance hosted the 4th Annual IPL Alliance Luncheon event at DAC in Anaheim, CA.

The IPL Alliance presented IPL 1.0, the industry's first open standard for interoperable PDKs. IPL members and their customers presented iPDK development/validation flows as well as experiences and successes.

Steven Chen
Deputy Director, TSMC
TSMC iPDK Validation

Steven E. Schultz
President and Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc.
Si2 OpenPDK Overview

Kunihiko Tsuboi
Group Leader – STARC Mixed Signal Design Group, STARC
STARC iPDK Implementation

Ofer Tamir
Director – CAD, Design Enablement & Support, TowerJazz Semiconductor
TowerJazz iPDK

2009 IPL Lunch Workshop
The EDA Earthquake: Interoperable PDKs Shakin' Up the Analog Design World

Foundry Sponsor - TSMC
Charter Sponsors - Ciranova, Magma, Mentor Graphics, SpringSoft, Synopsys
IPL Sponsors - AWR, Helic, JEDAT and Pyxis

On July 28, 2009, the IPL Alliance hosted an IPL Lunch Workshop event at DAC in San Francisco, CA.

In 2008, TSMC announced that it was joining the IPL Alliance and collaborating with key alliance members to create the industry's first 65-nm interoperable PDK. At the DAC 2009 lunch event, IPL members presented details about a foundry-qualified and validated interoperable PDK. Over 100 attendees learned more about the challenges, features, and IPL roadmap. In addition, Wipro provided its experience using the kit.

Ed Lechner
Director - Product Marketing, Synopsys
IPL Overview and Roadmap

Neel Gopalan
R&D Engineer, Synopsys
iPDK Implementation

Steven Chen
Manager - Process Design Kits Development
Department Design Methodology Program, TSMC

Ron Burns
GM - Semiconductor and Systems, Wipro
Using iPDK in a Multi-vendor Flow