What is IPL Alliance?
IPL Alliance is an industry initiative to establish an interoperable eco-system in custom design. 18 EDA vendors and TSMC are members. The current focus is on interoperable PDK’s. TSMC recently announced their 65nm interoperable PDK that was developed in collaboration with other IPL Alliance members.

What are the benefits of an IPL?
  • Enables a single PDK library to support any OpenAccess tool
  • Reduces PDK development and support costs
  • Creates choices in building your analog flow
  • Increase design reuse

Will the IPLs work with the Cadence environment?
Although Cadence has not yet chosen to join the IPL group, members have tested the proof-of-concept library with Cadence Virtuoso 6.1®.

How do I ensure my internal propriety tools work with the IPL?
Tools that support the latest OpenAccess specifications will work with IPLs.

How can I build an iPDK?
IPL Alliance member companies have access to all of the information and experts on how to build and validate iPDK’s. IPL Alliance intends to make this knowledge more readily acceptable, but it has not had the resources to do this yet.

Who can I contact about the IPL collaboration?
You can send an email to info@iplnow.com or contact the following individuals:

ST Micro
Vincent Varo, CMOS & derivative PDK Manager
(310) 563-6325

Jingwen Yuan, Strategic Alliance Manager
(650) 584-5950

Tom Quan, Open Innovation Platform® Marketing Manager
(408) 382-8184